Display your rainbows in your crane cab windows

13 May 2020

Rainbows are used as a symbol of peace and hope as they often appear when the sun follows a heavy rainfall. They serve to remind us that there is hope and light to follow even after dark times.

This current trend appears to have started in Italy but has also been adopted by the US, Canada, Spain, UK, Germany, Switzerland and many other countries where people have adorned their windows and balconies with colourful pictures.

But why are people drawing pictures of rainbows on their windows?

Millions of children are stuck at home because their schools and nurseries have closed, and many have started creating the pictures as a practical function, however, as it has given children a chance to flex their creativity while being home schooled by their parents. Other parents have tasked their children with spotting the rainbows while out on walks.
What we can do?

So for all you crane operators with young children, get them colouring a rainbow and let’s show off their art. Bring their Picasso with you to work, placing the rainbow picture in your cab window (Please ensure you do not obscure your operational view).

Next step, take a selfie with the art in the cab or just capture the image on your skyline. Publish the wonderful  CRANE Rainbow in the social media or on the Lifting Lounge. Please post with the following hash tags: #rainbowsfornightingale #wolffkranrainbows #cranerainbows #howhighIsyourrainbow #chasetherainbow #wolffkran #liftinglounge