Mental Wellbeing

  1. Relating - The people around you offer a valuable pool of support so its important to put time into strengthening those connections. GIVE IT A GO: Meet up with someone you havent seen in a while. Turn off distrations to chat with friends or family about your day.
  2. Giving - Holding out a helping hand makes other people happy and will make you feel happier too. GIVE IT A GO: Share your skills or offer support
  3. Direction - Working towards positive, realistic goals can provide motivation and structure. GIVE IT A GO: Choose a goal that is meaningful to you, not what someone else expects of you. Remember to celebrate progress along the way.
  4. Resilience - Although we cant always choose what happens to us, we can often choose our own response to what happens. GIVE IT A GO: Find an outlet such as talking to friends or writing it down. Take action to improve your resilience skills.
  5. Emotions - Positive emotions can build up a buffer against stress and even lead to lasting changes in the brain to help maintain wellbeing. GIVE IT A GO: Take time to notice what you're grateful for and focus on the good aspects of any situation. Set aside time to have fun.
  6. Acceptance - No one is perfect. Longing to be someone different gets in the way of making the most of our own happiness GIVE IT A GO: Be kind to yourself when things go wrong. Shift the focus away from what you dont have and cant do, to what you have and can do.
  7. Meaning - People who have meaning in their lives experience less stress, anxiety and depression. GIVE IT A GO: Prioritise the activities, people and beliefs that bring you the strongest sense of purpose. Volunteer for a cause, be part of a team, notice how your actions make a difference for others.
  8. Trying Out - Learning new things is stimulating and can help to lift the mood. GIVE IT A GO: Take on a new role at work, try out a new hobby or activity that interests you.
  9. Awareness - Taking time to switch off autopilot and "be in the moment" is a great tool to combat stress. GIVE IT A GO: Pay attention to your sensees - what can you see, hear and feel around you? Choose a regular point in the day to reflect.
  10. Exercising - Regular activity will provide an endorphin boost and increase confidence. GIVE IT A GO: Find an activity that suits you and your schedule. Swap the car for short journeys and cylcle or walk to work.