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my new model tower crane

anybody like the new 7534 model tower crane and what do you think what they should bring out next

My favorite crane / Mein liebster Kran

We all have our preferences, with clothing, cars and even cranes! 
Wich crane is YOUR favorite and what makes it so special?

Wir haben alle unsere Vorlieben, mit Kleidung, Autos und sogar Kranen!
Welcher Kran ist DEIN Favorit und was macht ihn so besonders?

The strangest, most memorable or simply most special place.

Where’s the strangest, most memorable or just different place that you have operated a crane?

by FernandoGarrido
Fri Mar 13, 2020 3:28 am

Saddle Jib, Flat Top or Luffing Jib?

What’s your crane operating preference Saddle Jib, Flat Top or Luffing Jib and WHY?

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